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Julie Alexander has represented clients in over 400 condominium projects.  Her projects include new construction projects, duplex condo conversions, and ADU condo conversions (main house/accessory dwelling unit).  She has vast experience with both new construction and conversion condo projects.  Her new construction experience includes development and initial unit sales of new condominium projects ranging from 2 to 100+ units.

In addition to her legal experience with client projects, Ms. Alexander has also personally developed multifamily and commercial properties in Austin, and she has successfully completed condominium conversions on many of her properties.  Her personal experience as a developer and seller of condominium units gives her a unique perspective on representing and protecting her clients as developers of condominium projects.

Condominium regimes are a cutting edge strategy designed to maximize the value of a building by dividing the building into units, which may then be bought and sold as separate units. Condominium conversions often unlock equity in a property. We take pride in watching our clients revitalize central, east and south Austin neighborhoods through converting existing duplexes, multifamily properties and commercial properties into condominiums and building state of the art new condominium projects.

Julie Alexander has represented clients in condominium developments and condominium conversions throughout Texas, with a particular focus in central Austin neighborhoods. She has been helping clients increase returns on their properties through condominium conversions for over twelve years, 400 projects, and sales of 1000s of units.  She has proven experience in helping clients successfully complete their condominium projects and sell their units. Her work goes beyond mere paperwork to include oversight with marketing, sales contracts, coordination with governmental lenders (FHA, FNMA, VA, etc.), ILSA registration and disclosure, listing agents, preferred lenders, title companies, surveyors, engineers, property management companies, reserve studies, closings and Association turnover.  Ms. Alexander additionally has experience in representing Condominium Owners’ Associations, Homeowners’ Associations, Neighborhood Associations, Master Associations, and Planned Unit Development Associations.

Julie Alexander has experience in all types of condominium conversions including:

  • Duplex  & ADU Condos
  • Apartment Condos
  • Commercial, Office & Industrial Condos
  • Conversions of existing buildings
  • Formation of Homeowner’s Associations
  • FNMA, FHA, VA, etc. approval of projects

Contact Julie Alexander at Julie@AustinCondoLaw.com to receive a proposal for your project.

In addition to completing the legal paperwork necessary for condominium conversions, Julie Alexander has experience in assisting clients in all aspects of the condominium conversion process, including coordination of the regime through closing of the units and turnover of the Association. As anyone knows who has been involved with a condominium conversion, there is more to a condo conversion than paperwork. There are many third parties involved in the process, including real estate agents, surveyors, title companies, seller and buyer lenders, insurance agents, architects, property managers, builders, etc.  Ms. Alexander’s extensive experience with condominium regimes, especially in the current real estate market and lending environment, gives her the expertise needed in working with all these third parties to keep them all moving towards the ultimate goal of her clients – closing units and turning over control of the Association.

Julie Alexander would be happy to prepare a written proposal for a condominium regime on your project. For a proposal, please contact Julie Alexander at Julie@AustinCondoLaw.com.

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